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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

A Warning From the Prophet For all Governors and Grand Sheiks and Head Officials of All Temples

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Renew your acts, amend your ways. Because the Great conference is on it’s way and it is where the law will be enforced before the great grand body. The continuance of the present officers in the temple will depend on your good work. Those who have been delinquent may know that they will not be tolerated any longer. Because this great Divine and National movement must move on according to Law, these things shall be Proclaimed.

There is no favorite in any of the Temples, for the Law is laid down and everyone who claims a part of the work must be governed accordingly. All are one. There is but one temple in this Nation and there is but one Prophet of the Temples. I come to speak to all Nations, bringing them a message of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice. In the Head of every Temple If any one has violated these Divine Laws It will mean his discontinuance, for no man is to be under the influence of intoxicating liquors nor to seek to tear up the families while under the influence of any evil motive; nor must he speak anything that will prejudice the minds of the public against the Divine Movement.

If any of the Laws are violated, any body of Grand Sheik or Sheiks can file charge against the violation to the grand body over which the Prophet presides. This Power is vested in seven or more sheiks for the protection of your temple and the Divine Movement.

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali,

The Founder of the

Moorish Science Temple of America

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