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Masterpiece of Religious Literature: Secrets of Other Creeds Revealed

The Prophet, Noble Dew Ali has spent many hours preparing the latest edition of the Koran, which will be a masterpiece of Religious Literature. To Americanize the Oriental idea of Islam involves many changes that are more or less negative to the main purpose of the Islamic Religion. Such changes are carefully considered with the idea to avoid changing the complexion of the original text.

The philosophy of the ancient Prophets is the main initiative in the compilation of the Koran. No thoughts of propaganda enter this work, as has been the case of many former religious works, such as the Bible and other books of creed.

The sole purpose of the Prophet in giving such a message to the world is to save fallen humanity. When a compiler attempts to inject propaganda into a work of this kind, there arises a need to cover the true text in order to prevent a clash with the truth and ideas involved in such propaganda.

Former works of this kind have either hindered or helped the nations proportionately to the adherence to the truth as to the original purpose of keeping the ignorant in such a state. It is hard to resist the temptation to use this medium for gain. Hence, many of the former treaties on works of this kind have been the means to foster ideas of the unscrupulous wherein they desired to use religious influence for gain.

The many secrets known to the Prophet that could be used for the salvation of the nation were either left out or colored to an extent that their meaning was made void. Such is not the case with this edition of the Koran.

All the secrets of the ages known to man are put into this work. The secrets, known only to the Magi, are here revealed: the reading of the stars, the interpretation of marriage relations, the understanding of the span of life and other such as has been kept from the occidental world are in this book boldly brought out.

The Koran, Americanized as it will be, can be bought in a few weeks. It will be sent to all Governors of the Moorish Science Temples of America.

by Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Divinely Prepared By the Prophet Noble Drew Ali
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