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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Temple Tax

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Friday, October 26, 1928

Because of the fact that the expense of the operation of the Temple is increasing so fast, that it was found necessary to vote a tax to the Prophet to carry on the work. This idea was concurred with by the Supreme Grand Council. This act is so arranged that it will not be a burden to any of the Temples, but the Prophet is very emphatic that it shall not be ignored. The expense of operation has heretofore been taken care with funds received from the manufacturing department, and it was found that it was a burden on that department. Hence, the tax was necessary. This tax is twenty-five cents ($.25) per month per capita. This will mean that the numerical strength of the temple will bear the proper share of the responsibility of operation. This per capita tax is intended to supply all members alike. Governors and Grand Sheiks included. The Governor or officer in charge of each Temple will cause a report to be rendered to the Supreme Grand Business Manager of the Supreme Grand Council, 3140 Indiana Ave., Chicago, which will specify and itemize the following: number of Adepts, number of members, number of new members taken in each month or those who join after the rendition of the last report. Twenty-five cents must accompany the name of each. Such members as the representation tax. The per capita tax collection begins November 1, 1928. All concerned will save themselves penalized if they render their reports promptly and specifically. Because otherwise it will necessitate a representative calling on such delinquent Temples an auditing their books, which expense will be borne by the Temple. All Governors and other officers will be held responsible for the representation tax and report.

By order of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali

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