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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Oral Statements and Prophesies of Noble Drew Ali

The Foundation
Our Religious Authoritave Books
Reflections of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali
The Law
Moorish Lessons
For the Uniting of Asia

I forgive you of everything that you did before I came; now you are responsible for your deeds now.

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moors, “I brought you everything it takes to save a nation, now
take it and save yourself.”

By you being born here doesn’t make you a citizen.

Moors, be yourself.

Moors, study your self.

A beggar nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spirituality.

Imitate I, The Prophet. Moorish Leaders, live a life of love, so that you will be loved as I the Prophet is

This is the uniting of Asia.

In the year 2,000 the Moors will come into their own.

One day, when seven bridges cross in the sky, there will be Red Fezzes and Turbans for as far as the eyes
can see.

I had to go around my elbow to get to my thumb to get what I wanted established in this government.

The only way out of the fire is through the fire.

A Moorish leader is not to get up to speak under the influence of liquor, or any harmful motive that will
seek to break up the families of men.

I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in.

You are from Missouri. I have got to show you.

Moors, you sleep too much. Wake up and see the seven bridges crossing in the sky. Can you see you are
a People?

Wake up Moors and don’t go to sleep any more.

We need to have warehouses because one day the Europeans are going to let you down.

The times that have been, won’t be no more.

If I were you, I would get ready before you are made to do so. If you are ready, stay ready; if you are not
ready, get ready.

Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name, just for a morsel of bread.

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