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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Moorish Science Temple of America

The Foundation
Our Religious Authoritave Books
Reflections of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali
The Law
Moorish Lessons
For the Uniting of Asia

The Moorish Science Temple of America is a lawfully chartered and incorporated organization. Any subordinate Temple that desires to receive a charter; the prophet has them to issue to every state throughout the United States, etc.

That the world may hear and know the truth, that among the descendants of Africa there is still much wisdom to be learned in these days for the redemption of the sons of men under Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.

We, as a clean and pure nation descended from the inhabitants of Africa, do not desire to amalgamate or marry into the families of the pale skin nations of Europe. Neither serve the gods of their religion, because our forefathers are the true and divine founders of the first religious creed, for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth.

Therefore we are returning the Church and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation.

While we, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation.

Noble Drew Ali- Prophet
Founder- Moorish Science Temple of America 1913/ Moorish Divine and National Movement May 1, 1916

Edward Mealy El
1st Supreme Grand Sheik of the MSTA

The Grand Body & Supreme Grand Council of the MST
1st convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America. October 1928 Chicago,Illinois

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