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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Mufti Laws

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Mufti laws for the Mufti
of the
Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.
Prophet Noble Drew Ali-Founder.

Col.C.Kirkman Bey, Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator.
Laws issued by Brother F. Nelson Bey-S.G.A.M.

Act 1. Muftis are to ACT as protectors of all properties of the Moorish Science Temple of America they are the protectors of such asthe Charter, flags, Constitution, ect. when they are in transit or
hanging on the wall

Act 2. For the purpose of preserving peace. they are to patrol all rooms hallways and places which the public might have reason to go and at all times they must try to bring about harmonious conditions

Act 3. By either words and deeds all Muftis must show the rest of the members and to the public the teachings of the Prophet.

Act 4. Whenever meetings are called the Muftis are to go to the custodian or the Person holding the Charter, flags, Constitution, ect. and escort these articles to the Place where the meeting is being held

Act 5. The muftis are to be posted on each side of the person who is calling the meeting to order (chairman) and they are to remain there until the Meeting is closed then they are to escort the Charter, flags; Constitution, ect. back to the custodian from whence they were received.

Act 6. The custodian is the one who through the past custom has held the responsibility of taking care of the Charter flags, Constitution ect. the custodian is appointed by the heads of the temple the custodian must have record of all properties including chairs tables, ect. he must know these articles are in working order and can be used also. he must be able to forward a complete report of all articles and their condition to the national head at any time if asked to do so.

Act 7. The muftis must be operated on a semi military basis of discipline by using military titles, such as lieutenant, sargent, ect. and these officers are to ACT as a group of leaders, when appointed by the National Grand Sheik.
Act 8. The authority of appointing muftis or mufti groups is vested solely in the hands of the National Grand Sheik and who ever he may choose to assist him

Act 9. Muftis are to post guard at all meetings inside and outside the door and also one on each side of the chairman

Act 10. Muftis must remain at their post until replaced by the head Muftis failing to do this are deserters and all men know you by what you are

Act 11. The head Mufti is to keep record of the Mufti attendance and mark his record accordingly so that in case the mufti record is called for it can be produced at any meeting where the charter isissued

Act 12. In case of Disobedience Rebellion Action Unbecoming a Moslem, or anyone abusing a sister or brother or anyone, the Mufti staff is to gather and decide to try the Mufti officer if found guilty he shall be dismissed until further notice form the National Head Of the M.S.T.of A. the defendant shall have the right to ask for another trial if he has evidence to prove that he was not given a just and fair trial the first time

Act 13. All muftis are to be charged with the care and cleaning of the temple they must see that the temple is always in order this is the duty that is important secondly only to the protection of the Charter

Act 14. At all trials the particulars of the case must be recorded by the secretary if not the case will be declare as invalid void or not guilty

Act 15. To convict anyone there must be evidence to show to the court therefore two reports must be made one report goes to the National head and the other to your secretary which is kept as a records containing the particulars of the case

Act 16. Hearsay evidence is not acceptable against a Mufti there must be absolute proof it is up to the Mufti courts official to prove a mufti guilty of any charge

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