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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Dietary Laws

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To All Heads of All Temples


These are critical moments; All Moslems are required to follow instructions. During the life of the Prophet, he told us many things, but there was many things he couldn't tell, but we would know after a while.

Since he passed he left his son who will guide you. Now of course the Prophet's laws are alright, but there are plenty he couldn't write or put into book form, so someone had to tell you. Now some of you are going to believe it and some are not. But now let me say to you as a brother we love Israel, please don’t be hard headed.

In the Adept Chamber last night we were told not to eat meat, but to ear anything in the fish line with scales on it, that leaves out cat and eels. Eat fish and vegetables, but no meat of any kind or any strong drinks. Until further notice, don't do any of these things until you hear from the Grand Body.


Your Brother in Islam'
E. Mealy El

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