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One of the most difficult things in this world to get control of is the human tongue. Kipling never wrote anything more truer than when he wrote that. "Man may hold most any post if he'll only hold his tongue".

Before you set your tongue to action, get it under control. A single tongue can do more harm in the world than a battalion of soldiers. For soldiers can kill but bodies, while the tongue can kill reputations and characters. Really, it is too bad that we have no laws to curb tongues from lying, and scandalizing.

No doubt you all have read the story of Iago, a character in one of Shakespear’s plays---when he powerfully pictured in the character of Iago the terrible consequences following the path of an evil tongue.

Iago not only destroyed the reputation and pure character of Desdemona, but he finally, through Othello, killed her body. That’s why I say--- compel your tongue to speak helpful messages or else---keep it still.

Make it a rule of your life to use your tongue for high purposes only. Resolve to speak of man or woman of no other way unless you speak of good qualities of that man or woman. No one ever gained happiness out of injuring the feelings or character of some one else.

No one ever failed to get happiness by speaking well of other people. So learn as if you were to live forever-live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Moorish guide 2/1/1929.

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