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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

The Five Points of Moorish Brotherhood

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Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice
By. Dr. Rufus German Bey-N.G.S, Prince of Peace

(1) Foot-to-Foot: Symbolizes our willingness to stand with our Brothers and Sisters.

(2) Knee-to-Knee: Symbolizes our support for the uplifting acts of our Temple.

(3) Hand -to-Hand & Hand-to-Back: Symbolizes our Unity with our Brothers and Sisters; and Hand-to-Back symbolizes our intent to protect our Brothers and Sisters even while they are not present.

(4) Chest-to-Chest: Symbolizes our recognition that we are the Children of One Father, provided for by His care
and the breast of One Mother has given us suck.

(5) Mouth-to-Ear: Symbolizes our intent to support, as men, the dignity of our Character, and to say directly to my brother anything I may have for him.


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