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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

13 Preliminaries- Dr. R German Bey

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By: Dr. Rufus German Bey, N.G.S., Prince of Peace

1. Who made you? ALLAH

2. Who are you? I am spirit from the everlasting Past til the never
ending days to come

3. Why are you spirit? Because man has two selves the higher self and
the lower self and I proclaim the higher self

4. What are you? I am an Asiatic Moslem

5. Why are you Asiatic? Because there is one race the human race
divided into to subordinates Asiatic and European and I proclaim to be

6. Are all Asiatics Moslem? No not all Asiatics are Moslem just the
true and faithful

7. What is the hue of your skin? Olive, and ranges from the darkest of
dark to the lightest of light.

8. What is your Religion? Islamism that old time religion

9. Why do you follow Islamism? Because it is the way of my forefathers
divinely prepared for my earthly and divine salvation.

10. What is religion? Law

11. What is law? Government

12. What does law allude to? Land, air, and water

13. How old is your religion? As old as ALLAH himself

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