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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

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The Prophet's Choice and Appointment

March 12, 1931

I joined the Movement, Jan 1st, 1927,and on June the first 1927, I was approved of and appointed By The Prophet NOBLE DREW ALI, as First Assistant Chairman of THE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA. And following the approved appointment, I had the support of the entire GRAND BODY with a unanimous consent in behalf of the Prophet's choice and appointment. And in AUGUST the first of the same year, I received an appointment from The PROPHET as GEN. Chairman of the said,MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA. And was made GRAND SHEIK under the PROPHET, in FEB, 1928. I wrote insurance for the PROPHET in the year 1928, and at the close of the said year, in the First Annual Convention, I was promoted to the Office of, or rank of SUPREME GRAND SHEIK, by The DIVINE PROPHET DREW ALI.

This promotion of the PROPHET took place in the first setting of the SUPREME GRAND COUNCIL.

Representing the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA. in a public meeting at 3140 Indiana Ave. in the month of Nov. 1928. the PROPHET made it very plain in three statements THAT HE was "the SUPREME GRAND HEAD, Bro. Mealy El was SUPREME GRAND SHEIK, next to ME (THE PROPHET), and that means All the Temples in this Government. And there is but one MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA, and that is MINE, NOBLE DREW ALI". AND at an Official Meeting in February 1929, I was made SHEPHERD of HIS Flock by HIM, and was told by HIM, to feed HIS Lambs and HIS Sheep. The same month, February 1929, I was called by the PROPHET, and told to come help Him carry on His Work.

The Call came as follows:
at the close of a regular meeting, one Sunday night, He the PROPHET said to Me, Bro. Mealy El, "What are you doing now?", I told Him I was not busy at that time, while waiting repairs, He said to Me, "Don’t look for any more work of any kind or job, But come with Him", and said "I need someone to help Me in My office now, as My work is getting so heavy, I will have to have some one to help Me". Be at the Office in the morning, at 9'30 or 10'0clock a.m., and if I am not up, make yourself useful in the Office, till I COME."

He the PROPHET said, "There is no salary attached to the work, but if you can put up with my fair, and if you are willing to sacrifice with ME, I will see that your rent is paid, and that you have a little spending change." I AGREED.

RETURNING from the trip around the other Temples one morning, in front of the Home Office, at 3603 Indiana Ave., THE PROPHET said to me, "BRO. Mealy, you will study up on My KORAN, QUESTIONARY, CONSTITUTION, try to be perfect on all subjects, so you may act intelligent along all Lines of Procedures". 20 minutes later, in His Office, on the same occasion, HE DREW ALI, THE PROPHET, said to Me, "I find all of them want to sit in My seat, but at My absence, THAT is Your STATION. And when you leave, lock the desk and put the key in Your Pocket."

"EVERY ONE wants to sit there, because there is where the MONEY is, But I know Who I Want to handle My MONEY. And if You leave for any length of time, give the keys to Bro. C. Kirkman Bey till You return". And several weeks before the PROPHET passed, I was called to HIS private Chamber, for special instruction on the many Ways of Life. And it was done in a way, one never think that the PROPHET was GOING to leave this Earth then, but you would think HE meant HE was going to live on in the flesh.

My final instruction came one night, after being called from HOME by the PROPHET, and after reaching His HOME, and hearing HIM speak through HIS MIGHTY GOD HEADS, HE then asked Me, "If I were with HIM, or if I were with them?"

He further said, "I want to know the truth from you today: Because I have done too much for you, for you to turn your back on ME: I say I have done too much for you, for you to TURN Your back on ME. And if I thought you would turn ME down, after what I have DONE For you, it would BE too BAD."

Written by,

Supreme Grand Sheik

Edward Mealy El

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