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Political Slavery
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Anytime a Man or a Woman fails or refuses to cast a sacred ballot at the polls they separate themselves from all rights of an American citizen. For surely this is the one connecting medium for a citizen to his nation.

They become no more than belated beast of burdens. There are reasons why certain classes, who are more or less independent, take no part in politics since they say they get nothing out of such in the way of material gain.

This is no less than a political slave since they refuse to voice their sentiments at the polls.

Another form of political slavery which is probably more prevalent among the less independent classes is that of being forced into one of the major parties and there bribed, coerced or otherwise forced to vote the wishes of someone else regardless of their own minds.

Before there can be general relief for the economic good of all, all forms of political slavery must be abolished and every citizen must take his part in the affairs of the nation.

The Moorish Guide-feb/19/1929

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