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So enthusiastic was the reception of the costumes worn by the Moorish Americans during their parade that the members of the Moorish Science Temple have decided to have at different times what they will call a Moroccan Costume Ball. This affair will be had shortly after the holidays, about New Years Eve. The Prophet consented that this could be for the entertainment of the members. Other groups of people in the city have been using the dress of our forefathers and imitating them all but the olive hue they cannot get.

During the Moorish Convention more than fifteen hundred Moroccan costumes were rented to Europeans who had seen the program and knew the Moors were to have a costume parade. But, nevertheless, we were successful in obtaining through certain Asiatic costume dealers, all the costumes we wanted.

The Moorish Costume Ball will be among the first of such given where an idea is put forth that has to do with the origin of the millions of people in this country, who can trace their ancestors back to the illustrious founders of civilization. It will remind the descendants of these people of the time when their forefathers were the main people to spread the most progressive ideas of civilization. In fact, they paved civilization many times.
When more barbaric tribes from the North were ravishing all countries, they were permitted to enter. It wasthe forefather? Of the Moorish Americans and their near kin that saved the historic records that were threatened during the days when the burning of libraries was a fad for despotic soldiers.

This costume ball will be much looked for and appreciated.
The Moorish Guide oct-26-1928

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