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ALLAH has sent us a PROPHET and sent him in time with a Holy message which is divine. He came to let the Asiatics of America know they are of the ancient family of the MOORS.

his speal was to the Asiatics first. WHY? becuase they have been sinners since their departure from their forefathers religion. OH! Sinners, why don't you hear the soul of Islam ringing in your ears.

The Prophet has said that "if I were you I would get ready before you are made to do so".

now come and pick up your fore-fathers and mothers ancient and Divine creed which carries your national name indeed. it will entitle you to your rights which you have been denied.

Because in 1774 your light was cutoff from the ancient Moors and that is why ALLAH has sent to us a Prophet in 1886 to prepare the light that was out.

In 1925 The Prophet said "I have mended the broken wires and have connected them with The Higher Powers." so come on Asiatics, don't you want to go? We were marching on to Canaan. I used to think that it was a city in the sky, but now i know it is here on earth. DON'T YOU WANT YOUR SHARE?

By Sis. Whitehead El, Moorish Guide 9/28/1928

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