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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

General LawS

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As Said by the Prophet

Instructions of Tuesday night October 17, 1928

Every Temple and head is to function by words, deeds, and actions, imitating the Prophet -- especially when teaching a group of Moors, any group of Moors. These are the General Laws; the Supreme laws will he handed to you tomorrow night. The heads of all Temples are to submit a report monthly of all finance. The heads of all Temples are to refrain from all wrathful words, profanity in the mildest form from all the members of his or her Temple. They must live the life of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, and refrain from all alcoholic liquors or any other harmful possibility that will terminate to destroy Peace, or any other of the Divine Principles. They are not to contribute to anything that will cause the public to disagree with him or her. And for one to lead a group of Moors, you must keep your house clean - - clean with good deeds, kind words-your wives, brothers must hear good words, kind words, and must know of your good
deeds. If there are children you must see to their support. Follow this Divine Principle, for if you don't restrict to this Divine Principle then you are not a true Moor, and the heads are not to charge for membership, or to overcharge for cards, buttons, or for anything issued by the Prophet. Those who contribute to either of the preceding are not Moors, but robbers.

Membership, sisters and brothers, is free; not only here but all over the world. The button is 25 cents, card 25 cents; and one month's dues is paid. Every member pays 50 cents a month for dues. This money goes towards the support of the Temple. This, if not paid, does not entitle you to the protection that is provided for you. and especially if you are not working or in the position to work. If you neglect to fulfill this small duty assigned vou. how ran you rightfully expect money or other help when you are sick or otherwise disable?

And to be a real Moorish leader you must study the Koran and the Divine constitution that is handed down unto you by I, the Prophet.

The head of any Temple can maintain an emergency fund which can not exceed the amount of from twenty-five cents to fifty cents a week per member. All public collections and dues also go to the support of the Temple and its domestic work. The head of every Temple must, by law, obey the word of the Prophet, and if any head leader or head of any Temple fails to obey these laws -embezzlement is his charge and is subject to enforcement of the law by Grand Body: and the penalty may be a fine or removal from office, or placed under a very heavy restriction of the law.

Supreme Words of the Prophet. NOBLE DREW ALI

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