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Asiatic Moorish Missionaries

Additional Laws

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Act 1. Grand Sheiks, Governors and Heads of All temples, all Businesses:

Each said temple must be approved by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Before acting upon by any member, let it be financed properly or any line that will cause the members to sacrifice finance, etc., that will cause the support of any group of any members

Any former Officer that violates these laws is subject to removal from his office under a heavy restriction, etc., by the Prophet or the Grand Sheik

Act 2. All members are to attend their Adept meetings and their public meetings promptly. If a member is found standing around on their meeting period, shall be fined $.50,on the first cause and on the second, will be fined one dollar ($1.oo) which will go their Emergency fund

If a member is working his monthly dues must be paid, and if he has money in the bank, he must subscribe for as much as he is able to the Moorish Uplifting Fund because it takes finance to save a nation.

Act 3. It is the Lawful and Divine duty of every good member if he is able to finance, to aid me in saving the nation and if he does not, he is an enemy to the cause of uplifting his own people and justice might catch you. Let it be he or she according to Love, Truth, Peace, freedom, and Justice as I have the power vested in my hands and I have to enforce the Law in order to save the nation

Act 4. All members while up making a public speech must not use any assertion against the American Flag or speak radical against the Church or any other member of any organized group, because we are to teach Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice

Act 5. All members must promptly attend their meetings and send their children to Sunday School, and the teacher must confirm himself to the questionnaire and let every member exercise his five senses who is able to do so, because out from your Sunday school come the guiders of the nation

Act 6. With us all members are to proclaim their nationality and we are teaching, our people their nationality and Divine Creed that they may know that they are a part and a partial of this said government, and know that they are not Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People or Ethiopians, because these names were given to slaves by slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery, but this is a new era of time now, and all men must now proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth, this is the reason why Allah the Great God of the universe ordained Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet to redeem his people from their sinful ways. The Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.

Act 7. All members must promptly attend their meetings and become a part and a partial of all uplifting acts of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Members must pay their dues and keep in line with all necessities of the Moorish Science Temple of America, then you are entitled to the name of, "Faithful". Husband, you must support your wife and children; wife you must obey your husband and take care of your children and look after the duties of your household. Sons and daughters must obey father and mother and be industrious and become a part of the uplifting of fallen humanity. All Moorish Americans must keep their hearts and minds pure with love, and their bodies clean with water. This Divine Covenant is from your Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali, through the guidance of his Father God Allah.

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